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Science and technology festival opens in Shenyang

Science and technology festival opens in Shenyang

Author:佚名 Date:2018-5-23 source: Shenyang Municipal Government website

 The first Shenyang Aerospace University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Science and Technology Festival opened in front of the school library in Shenyang, Northeast China’s Liaoning province, on May 16.

The activity is designed to spur entrepreneurship and innovation among undergraduates.

“Innovation and entrepreneurship education play a key role in implementing the national strategy of innovation-driven development,” said Wang Hui, deputy director of the city’s human resources and social security department.

At the opening ceremony, Kuang Yongshuang, an alumnus of the university, set up an innovation and entrepreneurship fund of 3 million yuan ($471,009) for students.

During the science and technology festival, activities including quizzes and exhibitions of intelligent robots will be held.

From this year, the science and technology festival will be hosted annually.

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