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Canadian International School of Shenyang

Author:佚名 Date:2018-4-26 source: www. CISShenyang.com.cn

(address: No.301 Huishan Street Hunnan District Tel: 66684109 www.CISShenyang.com.cn syadmissions@CISShenyang.com)

Founded in May 27, 2017, CISS is an international school dedicated to educating foreign nationals and children. It is committed to providing students with a full range of education and services. CISS 21 years of CIS series schools adhering to the purpose of running schools and advanced education philosophy, is committed to a unique education system so that students gradually enhance their interest in learning, have the ability to think independently, to deal with risks and the courage to pursue the dream, to develop it as self-confidence and Independent world citizen and leader. We mainly use Canadian teaching mode with English teaching and international certification. Canadian school records with transcripts are accepted by universities in various countries in the world.

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