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Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts

Author:佚名 Date:2018-4-26 source: www.lumei.edu.cn

(Address: 19 Sanhao Street, Tel: 23932635, Fax: 23930334, Website: http://www.lumei.edu.cn/)

Founded in 1938, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts covers an land area of 957,662.94 square meters. With construction area of 10,887 square meters, its library now collects 592.073 thousand books with a possession of more than 3000 pieces of the ancient works of calligraphy and painting, inscription rubbings and cultural relics. Its art galleries and art museums occupy construction area of 23,796.77 square meters. Its campus in Shenyang currently has 12 teaching units: industrial design school, Chinese painting department, printmaking department, oil painting department, sculpture department, photography department, dyeing and garment design department, environmental art design department, general painting department, art history theory department, culture communication and management department, as well as art and culture research center (China figure painting studio). In addition, it has 10 disciplines, such as Chinese painting, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, photography, film television photography and production, environmental design, apparel and fashion design, product design and fine arts. All majors in the college have the right to grant a master's degree. The college has a total of three first-level subjects: art, design and art theory, as well as 14 undergraduate subjects. There are 64 professors, 142 associate professors, 235 lecturers and 106 teaching vassistants.

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